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written by FortyFPS

With the Season 8 Draft Order now released along side the Player Rankings Draft Guide
I combined the two to see how the teams would shape up if auto drafted!

Hero Picks have not yet been announced and are not included.

Who is winning Season 8 with these line-ups?

  QB: T. Kramer
RB: B. Jackson
WR: Indianapolis
OL: Los Angeles
DL: Minnesota
LB: Denver
DB: Los Angeles
S/T: Cleveland
PB: San Francisco

  QB: B. Kosar
RB: C. Warner
WR: Cleveland
OL: New York
DL: Miami
LB: New York
DB: New York
S/T: New York
PB: Denver

  QB: J. Schroeder
RB: W. Payton
WR: Chicago
OL: Washington
DL: Chicago
LB: Indianapolis
DB: Dallas
S/T: Minnesota
PB: Seattle

  QB: D. Marino
RB: J. Morris
WR: Minnesota
OL: Cleveland
DL: Denver
LB: Cleveland
DB: Minnesota
S/T: Miami
PB: Chicago

  QB: J. Elway
RB: M. Allen
WR: Miami
OL: Miami
DL: Seattle
LB: Los Angeles
DB: Washington
S/T: Denver
PB: New York

  QB: D. Krieg
RB: E. Dickerson
WR: Denver
OL: Seattle
DL: New York
LB: Chicago
DB: Chicago
S/T: Los Angeles
PB: Minnesota

  QB: J. Montana
RB: T. Smith
WR: New York
OL: Minnesota
DL: Washington
LB: Miami
DB: Indianapolis
S/T: Dallas
PB: Los Angeles

  QB: Phil Simms
RB: T. Dorsett
WR: Washington
OL: Denver
DL: Los Angeles
LB: Minnesota
DB: Cleveland
S/T: Seattle
PB: Indianapolis

  QB: D. Williams
RB: H. Walker
WR: Seattle
OL: San Francisco
DL: Indianapolis
LB: Seattle
DB: Seattle
S/T: Washington
PB: Miami

  QB: D. White
RB: K. Mack
WR: Raiders
OL: Chicago
DL: Cleveland
LB: Washington
DB: San Francisco
S/T: Indianapolis
PB: Dallas

  QB: J. McMahon
RB: R. Craig
WR: San Francisco
OL: Indianapolis
DL: San Francisco
LB: Dallas
DB: Denver
S/T: Chicago
PB: Cleveland

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