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written by F1DL5TYX

I find my position of picking 8th and then 15th to be extremely precarious LOL and I’m coming off what I consider to be one of my worst drafts. Need a bounce back so I’m not tryna give away the bank on what I’m thinking here. I need the first few rounds to go well.

BUT I do think this is an extremely interesting Hero class so I’ll focus on that. I ain’t gettin’ shit at 8 regardless.

QB grade= *** of 4 possible stars

We didn’t get any of the elite talents (Randall, Marino-clone, or Esiason). But the two guys we got slide in easily as the 4th and 5th best QBs available. And I’ve had both these guys, they are very good. Rypien in particular is well suited for the brand of tuck the ball, charge the line QB play that is in vogue with several franchises. Think of Rip as a slightly downgraded Montana, Kelly as a slightly upgraded Kosar.

One note, we’ve got 11 guys so no one is in danger of getting Trudeau’d without consent LOL If one of the Hero QBs goes, then the worst QB (in terms of arm strength) who HAS to be drafted is Danny White. If both Heroes get drafted, the worst QB who has to be picked is Schroeder. Lastly, if ol reliable DPS sticks with his game plan and takes McMahon, then that raises the floor even higher. All that to say, if you miss on a good QB don’t worry. I won 10 games the season I had Tommy Kramer, he’s fine.

RB= ****

Mutant Barry is a re-imagining of Japan Bo, with his top speed nerfed but his initial buffed into unheard-of territory. How will a 5 initial RB play on the field? I’m really not looking forward to finding out.

IMO Hilliard makes sense as soon the 10 speed or better backs are gone. Taking him in the hero draft isn’t the sexiest pick but does let you take the best available defensive unit, knowing you’ve got a decent run offense secured.

At least one person is going to get stuck with a pretty crappy back (Craig/Smith), maybe worse if someone takes LA and swipes 2 backs relatively early. This makes Hilliard a much more attractive option.

WR= **

Tempted to give just one star, there’s only one guy FFS. But the guy who is there, Art Monk, is one of the best. Of receivers, only Jerry is better overall and fellow fun bunch member Gary Clark is tied. Art would be better as a top WR, like Clark. If you take Monk, he’ll help you but my advice is pick a playbook that will let you get the ball in his hands a lot. Don’t waste him as a deep threat. You want to get him involved 5+ times per game, not 5 times per season

TE= **

Great talent, terrible position. TE is the worst spot to import the top 2 talents from the Japan ROM, which is what happened here. The issue of course is that a lot of TE routes end up over the middle where defenders are lurking, and it’s hard to make that throw with confidence. There are some playbooks where a TE can shine. If you draft one of these guys and don’t get a playbook that compliments him, you’ve got yourself an expensive piece of window dressing.

OL= ****

Only one option here but it’s the best line available in this draft. Not only is it the best unit, but Zimmerman and McDaniel are individually the fastest and strongest linemen available. This unit significantly outclasses CHI and IND.

DE= ****

Reggie White is Japan Doleman. He’s the only DE you’ll ever see with this elite combination of speed, initial and acceleration. He is, AT WORST, the 3rd best defender in this draft and I could argue he’s the best.

Lee Williams is not Reggie but at his position, only Howie Long is better in this draft. Charles Mann is identical. Williams will be a powerful manned-defender and provide strong computer pass rush on 4 receiver pass plays.

Sochia is a nice talent in a weird spot. I’d recommend making sure you draft a 4-3 interior if you take him. Spitballing here but Sochia with the Chicago interior would be a wild unit LOL.
Noga is a capable manned-defender, he’s a Rulon Jones clone only at bottom DE. I can tell you from experience he doesn’t bring much extra as a pass rusher.

LB= ****

Sweet Jesus. Tippett is a nerfed Japan LT but with his new ratings he’s just Carl Banks at bottom OLB. He’ll shut down pretty much any FG attempt and be one of the best manned defenders available as well.

Charles Haley is a proven difference maker in this league. He’s overshadowed only by LT and Tippett. His acceleration makes him play faster than you think he is.

DB= ***

Eric Allen is an elite talent at a valuable spot. Literally only knock on him is that he plays a stacked position. 3 guys are as good or better, another is nearly as good, and counting Braxton you’ve got 2 more quality players available at top safety. Allen is a Dixon/Duerson clone tho, an elite manned defender and a powerful drone.
Braxton and Brown and both attractive late round picks. Brown probably more so given the scarcity of his position. Only Minnifield is better at bottom safety, Green is as good.

Special teams= *

Why does it seem we never get great kick returners in this thing? Japan ROM has several. Anyway, take this punter and win the league to flex on everybody.

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