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written by Drewmanster


For the first time in almost 80 years, the United States has bested Japan, this time on the gridiron as opposed to a battlefield. In Game 1 of a potential 3, DizzyP finished MACK off in a battle of the New York squads.
F1DL5TYX said that one of his goals was to hopefully put things into the hands of those that were less experienced. 

As can be seen from this chart, there is definitely a trend towards the lower rated league members being more successful in the Battleship format, while the higher rated in league play underperformed with Dizzy and Ninja being the most shining examples of each. 

The War itself was very close throughout - the U.S. jumped out to a lead early in group play, but momentum was halted in the middle with the U.S. taking some big blows followed by the elimination of their two highest drafted members. However, the other teams rallied and were successful in their remaining games, culminating in a last-game effort by Nelson to reduce Japan to a single member moving onto the next round. 

Personally, I believe it was a lot of fun - in fact, the most enjoyable tournament I’ve participated in so far because every game was a difficult struggle with the point, team and homefield advantage going to the less successful. The only gripe I have is that both versions of New York need to be tiered higher. Lawrence Taylor is a beast, even without Banks, not just for his speed but because teams need to drive so deep to even have a shot at points. He alone elevates them so much. 

There are plans from F1DL5TYX to run this tournament again in the future, this time eliminating the Japan-US distinctions and changing the draft format to include BOTH players and teams… I can’t wait!


(N.Y. USA) DIZZY P - vs - MACK (N.Y. JPN)



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