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written by DREWMANSTER


Honorable Mention, DPS (Season 1): 5-2, 125-21, Won Tecmo Bowl I

I will avoid talking about Season 1 seasons because, well, everyone was a rookie.

DPS drew the 1st overall pick, where he took Bo Jackson. Not winning as many games as expected by his statistics did not matter, as his playoff run to win the inaugural Tecmo Bowl remains the most dominant in league history by a wide margin. 

#9, DON DON (Season 3): 0-10, 59-244 pts, Missed Playoffs

DON started the draft by taking Walter Payton, but down the line reached on several of his picks. In the end, his defense’s best player is Freddie Robinson and Dent/Hampton.

Though he got a good playbook for an elite running back, it was not enough for DON’s Indianapolis team as many blowouts followed. 

#8, FORTYFPS (Season 6): 0-10, 46-227 pts, Missed Playoffs

FORTYFPS took control of Los Angeles, a franchise that had not seen any use since Lord of the End departed from the league. The team was blown out every game with the closest being a 10 point loss to a 3 win New York team late in the year.

Drafting Boomer Esiason in the first-ever Hero draft to share a backfield with Bo Jackson, the offense was quite strong and performed better than most any winless team had ever mustered.

However, the defense was one of the worst drafted units in memory, with defensive back Freddie Robinson as the premiere defender. 

#7, Uncle Elmer (Season 8): 0-10, 40-207 pts, Lost Hero Final

Uncle Elmer took the reins of Indianapolis, allowing the franchise to be featured twice in this article. His first game ever was against one of the premiere organizations in the league, Washington, where he narrowly lost 7-0 in overtime in one of the best debut games ever seen.

However, seldom in Season 8 did they again reach such heights. After a tight loss to a Buffalo squad that would be winless down the stretch, Elmer and Indy would get blown out in all but one game.

Interceptions were a major issue with QB Doug Williams throwing 17 of them to lead the league in that category. In his lone Hero Cup game, the finale, he put up a valiant effort but was unable to overcome CBK’s Andre Tippett’s presence on any field goal beyond the 15 yard line.

#6, DizzyP (Season 3): 2-8, 73-175 pts, Lost Playoffs

Dizzy put together a solid season statistically, losing in close games; he could have easily ended up .500 if a few things went his way. Denver was a well drafted team helmed by Dan Marino and a solid defense top to bottom featuring the Minnesota DL and Washington DBs.

He was placed in the somewhat stronger ATFC where he would have to play a couple contenders in Seattle and Miami, along with the upstart Cleveland. 

#5, gamingtrucker1 (Season 2): 1-8, 37-169 pts, Lost Playoffs

Trucker, as the first true rookie in history, was dumped into the Wild West of the early days of the league. In these days the league was extremely talent-dense, putting a premium on playing mistake free football and also devaluing the first several picks compared to later seasons.

Still, trucker managed to earn a win. Under the tough conditions of the first two years, this places him just above Dizzy’s rookie campaign.

#4, CBK (Season 7): 1-8, 46-117 pts, Won Hero Cup - 

CBK used the first Hero selection to take running back Neal Anderson to pair with New York linebackers in the regular draft, immediately giving New York a strong foundation. He then added Bernie Kosar and Minnesota WRs to be led by Chuck Knox, along with defensive end Rulon Jones.

Overall, CBK’s New York team is perhaps the most complete rookie team since the early days of the league when talent was more ample. CBK went 1-8, though he often lost in close games; there were not many blowouts. What really elevates this rookie season, however, is what CBK did in the Hero round.

He squeaked out a 3 point win against Denver, shutout Cleveland and beat Dallas by 15 to clinch the Hero Cup win. New York tripled their season win total in the postseason, earning them an extra Hero selection in the Season 8 draft. 

#3, hankthetank (Season 4): 6-4, 123-107 pts, Lost Play-In - 

In the only season to date with 12 players, hank was put in a division with fellow rookie MACK and veteran ass-kicker DPS. Perhaps surprisingly there was a three way tie in-division at 6-4.

Due to tiebreakers, hank received the lowest seeding and would have to go on the road to Chicago in a play-in, losing 6-0. He used the first pick to select Bo Jackson and added a solid defense. 

#2, MACK (Season 4): 6-4, 146-94 pts, NTFCC Loss - 

Sharing a division with DPS and hankthetank, MACK won a 3-way tiebreaker to avoid a play-in. Set to host the triumphing DPS, MACK won by 3 to be the second rookie ever to win a playoff game.

However, San Francisco would meet an end to perhaps the greatest team ever, Season 4 Washington, 13-7. MACK fielded a complete team, offensively anchored by Walter Payton while possessing a very solid defense featuring Karl Mecklenburg, Darrell Green and Barry Wilburn. 

#1, Nelson79 (Season 3): 8-2, 162-96 pts, ATFCC Loss - 

Featuring Famicom Bo (12 speed!) and Kevin Mack in the LA playbook, the offense was nearly unsurmountable. The most dominant halfback possible to share a backfield with, in my opinion, the ideal fullback led to a nigh unstoppable ground game.

Getting such a premiere player in Bo allowed Nelson to draft defense-heavy, netting the best inside linebacking corps to anchor the front while Dave Duerson roamed the defensive backfield. In the first round of the playoffs, Cleveland knocked off Miami in a 24-9 stomping. They moved on to undefeated Washington, where they narrowly lost 13-6. 

Nelson holds several rookie firsts:
• First rookie to have a winning record
• First rookie to make playoffs
• First rookie to win a playoff game
• And, most importantly, the first and ONLY rookie to make it to the Tecmo Bowl.

The future of the league is very promising, with us looking to add a few new rookies this offseason (Season 9) to be the largest we have ever been as a league and community. I greatly look forward to seeing more talented players come into the league to become mainstays for years to come!

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